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Change Client Information

The “Account Details” screen is where the clients contact information is located.  You can update your information in this screen. There are six sections.

  1. Account Information - This is used to setup the main client information such as address and defaults.
  2. User Management - Allows you to invite users to your account with custom permissions.
  3. Payment Methods - Here you set up your credit card information.
  4. Contacts - Here you can add additional contacts for your account.
  5. Account Security - This functionality is used if you provide access to any of your third party.
  6. Email History - This will list all of the emails sent to you for your review.

How do I get to this screen?

From the dashboard, click the update button under your address information.

How do I go back to the dashboard?

Simply, click the client area link in the breadcrumb menu.

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