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Maintenace Web Hosting

What is maintenance web hosting?

Maintenance web hosting is normally for established
businesses with content and products to sell. Established companies generally
have a great idea of what their business is about and how they want it
promoted. These companies normally have a lot of information and know what is
needed for their website. When developing a website, the client must supply the
content because they are professionals in their fields. The designer does not
know anything about your business. Therefore, standard hosting works well for those
who have a clear understanding of their business, the industry they’re in and
the content needed to develop their sites. It is also perfect for those who use
e-commerce and form pages. Maintenance hosting handles a robust amount of content. 

Maintenance hosting sounds the same as standard hosting. What is the difference? Well, this hosting plan is the managed plan. We handle installs on CPanel, e-mail setup and design if needed, database setup, template installations and much more. If you know what you want and don’t know how to do it in CPanel, then this option is for you. Keep in mind, we will not create a website for you and do design and development with this plan. The is setup and creation using your CPanel account. Please talk to the support department for more details. 

If your company fits into this segment, then maintenance hosting may be for you. Below you will see what this option comes with.


Maintenance Web Hosting
$19.99 19.99/mo
  • Those who need managed services
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