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It is important to be vigilant when it comes to the security of your website. It is common for clients to be confused about what to do, but there are some basic things that will help you keep your site secure.


The first thing that most client should ensure is password strength. Your password should include numbers, letters, and special characters. The letters should be uppercase and lowercase. You should pick multiple special characters and multiple numbers. Make sure the password you choose is random. It should not be anything that is easy to guess or personal in any way.

Malware Programs

It is important that you have a virus protection software on your computer. These kinds of programs allow you to scan for virus, malware, and other items that try to steal your information. It is important that you run your virus program on a regular basis.


Make sure to update your scripts and programs as new updates are released. When developers find vulnerabilities they correct them and issue updates. These updates help to keep your software secure.


Make sure to keep regular backups of your site. The gives you recourse if an issue arises. Keep in mind, that if Qdhosts has to restore your site, it may be billable.

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