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    My Account

    Once you are logging into your customer portal it should look like this:

    If you see: Please check your email and follow the link to verify your email address. Click here for verification.

    On the left side you will see a box client: Your Info. This section lists your address information and client ID. If any of this is incorrect, you can click the update button to update the information. For more information on updating your address, click here.

    Below the your client section you will see any credits. You can use these credits to pay for any outstanding invoices or order new services.

    Below the alerts and or customer notes you will find:

    1. Your Invoices – This shows you any open or closed invoices attached to your account. You can even view, pay or partial pay invoices here.
    2. Your Services – This shows you all of the active, pending, suspended, and canceled services you have with QDhosts.
    3. Your Transactions – This option allows you to see all payments that have been made on your account.
    4. Notice Messages – These are messages that have been added to you account by our support team.
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