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How many MySQL databases can I have?

The amount of MySQL databases depends on your account type. Please take a look at your plan to see how many databases come with your account. The standard plan has unlimited databases attached to it.

Installing Phplist and Securimage

HOW TO INSTALL SECURIMAGE CORRECTLY FOR USE WITH PHPLIST  First download the source for securimage from:  Extract the zip file to a folder on your website. DO NOT INSTALL securimage in the phplist directory. Install securimage in your websites top directory.  Now you can download and install capcha plugin: NOTE: The easiest way to install the… Read More »

How do I create a database?

In order to add a database to your account please do the following: Click here to log into your account. Select MySQL databases under the databases section. Under create new database enter a name (Keep in mind that your login name and a underscore will append to the name you create. For instance: bbqqr_mydatabase). Click… Read More »

How to add a blog?

Click here to log into your portal. Under the Softaculous Apps Installer click on the free blog option of your choice. The system will ask where you want to install your blog. Enter the location (i.e. folder or site), login, and password before clicking install. The system will install the app and send the administrative… Read More »