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Apache Logo
By - qymin

Apache Handlers

Apache handlers control how the Apache web server software manages certain file types and extensions for your site. Apache comes configured to handle CGI scripts and server-parsed files. You can configure Apache to handle a new file type with an existing handler by manually adding the handler and extension below. For example, to have the server treat files with the

Qdhosts Why Choose Us?
By - qymin

Why Choose Qdhosts

In order to understand why you should choose Qdhosts as your hosting provider, it is important to understand the normal client/hosting relationship. Most clients search the internet for hosting and select the provider who is running a deal. This deal may be anywhere from $1.99 to $3.99 a month for the first year. The client needs to sign up for

Choosing a Host
By - qymin

Picking a Web Host

In today’s business world, having a web presence is a must. Many companies go online and search for a web hosting company. They then choose the people who come up first in the search engine. This is a huge mistake. It is important to do your homework. Based on a study done by staffers at the Federal Trade Commission, Google

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