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Getting Started

How do I report a website?

You can contact us at or call us at (215) 645-4252 if there is an issue with a website.  Please refer to our support page for all contact information.

How many websites can I have?

The amount of sites you can have under one account is based on the plan you’ve chosen. The standard plan allows unlimited sites to be attached to your account. Please review your plan to determine your site count. However, keep in mind that you can have multiple accounts.

How do I access my panel?

In order to access your Cpanel account you can go to the main page of and click on login. You can also go to If you have trouble accessing your account please contact

So what happens after I sign up?

After you sign up for your account you will receive an e-mail with your login and password information so that you can access your accounts. There will also be some important links that will help you to get started. If you do not receive this e-mail within 30 minutes of signing up for service please… Read More »

How do I optimize my website?

Click here to log into your portal. Under Software and Services, click on optimize website. There are three options Disabled Compress All Content Compress the specified MIME types Select the option that works best for you and update settings.      

How do I use FTP?

You must pick a FTP client first. The instructions below will be for the free client SmartFTP and Dreamweaver. SmartFTP: Download SmartFTP ( Install the software on your computer Click on file and then new connection and the following screen will come up. Enter in the following: Protocol: FTP Host: Your domain name Path: /public_html/… Read More »

How do I upload files and update my website?

Via FTP: Pick an FTP client (if you are using Dreamweaver you can setup a site.) Connect to your site using the following: Your domain name Port 21 Your username Your password Enter your root directory (/public_html/) 3. Click the connect button and upload your items to the public_html folder. Via file manager: Select the… Read More »